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Technical Data & Specification of Metal Robot

Ascend Group Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech company specializing in supplying education robot products and services, with its own base of robot experiment and research & development. Education robots have a wide coverage of activity knowledge, diversified ability training and rich emotional experience. They are very popular among more and more teachers and students. Friends from all over the world are welcome to contact us, so that our education robots can make their due contribution to the educational undertakings.

Features of Metal Robot:

◇ This metal robot / education robot is made of high-strength 6063 aluminum with surface anodic oxidation process, main structural parts have high intensity, colorful and smooth surface. A unique patented of helical grooves is designed to improve the flexibility of the connection between the parts and simplify the connection mode.

◇ Beams with various types: 6 three-hole thread groove beams, 10 side threaded beams, 8 thread groove beams. The side threaded beams can form the characteristic helical grooves, it will allowed M4 screw be fixed arbitrarily in any position between the side threaded beams.

◇ All the 650 parts also contain with timing pulleys, timing belt, caster wheel, collar, driven shaft, cross shaft, tires, headless screws, screws, track and other spare parts. To build a car model just need six beams plus timing belt pulleys and other accessories, it is a very simple but flexible package assembly .

◇ Metal structure is consistent with the Lego hole's size and pitch.They are fully compatible.

◇ The structure of the system is adopted with open design creativity.Just like using Lego building blocks to build a structure, it is compatible with numerous educational products, including Lego robot and any DIY creative works.

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