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Metal Robot

Overseas, robot education is always a popular topic. As early as in 1994, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) began to offer the course of "design and creation of LEGO robots" (Martin), with a view to improving the designing and creating ability of students majoring in engineering design and attempting to integrate robot education and scientific experiments. The project team of "permanent kindergarten" of the media laboratory of MIT developed various teaching tools. In close cooperation with LEGO, a famous manufacturer of building blocks and toys, this project team developed programmable LEGO toys, teaching children how to conduct design activities in the digital era. In addition, some overseas laboratories of intelligent robots also have their corresponding research contents of robot education.

Japan, USA and some other developed countries attach high importance to the function and effect of robot education to the high-tech society. They have begun to add robot-related contents to the courses of information technology and extracurricular scientific and technological activities.

Since 1992, the relevant departments of American government have been launching the program of "perceiving and cognizing mobile robots" among senior high school students nationwide. Senior high school students can obtain a set of spare parts weighing 70 kg free of charge, assemble them into a remote-controlled robot on their own, and sign up for relevant competitions.

Metal Robot

Although Japan started to develop robots ten years later than USA reputed as "the hometown of modern robots", Japan has already exceeded European and Northern American countries on the development road of robot industrialization. This cannot do without the high importance attached by Japanese government to the education of robots and the popularization of robot culture. In Japan, each university has high-level robot research and teaching contents, and robot design and production competitions of various levels are conducted at regular intervals every year, including international high-level competitions and competitions for primary and high school students in various communities.

National Institute of Education (NIE) and the Education Department of LEGO launched the first Asia-Pacific ROBOLAB International Education Symposium in Singapore in June 2006. At the symposium, robot education and its application in such courses as science & technology and mathematics were discussed in such forms as special report, thesis communication and hands-on production, so as to enhance teachers' scientific and technological level and application capability in conducting robot education.

Ascend Group Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech company specializing in supplying education robot products and services, with its own base of robot experiment and research & development. Education robots have a wide coverage of activity knowledge, diversified ability training and rich emotional experience. They are very popular among more and more teachers and students. Friends from all over the world are welcome to contact us, so that our education robots can make their due contribution to the educational undertakings.

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