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Vertical Milling Machine

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Vertical Milling Machine
Style No.: Z20005
Technical Data & Specification of Vertical Milling Machine

Features of Vertical Milling Machine:

◇ Milling machine can be X, Y, Z three dimensional space operation. And it can be assembled into vertical and horizontal milling machine, hand milling machine.

◇ Milling machine use milling bit, the front and the side of milling bit are blade.There is a certain risk so be sure to use under the guidance of the teacher.

Technical Parameters of Vertical Milling Machine:

Motor speed: 20000 r / min, motor blades, gear for metal.

The input voltage / current / power: 12VDC / 2A / 24W.

Stroke: 30 x 50 mm.

Chuck: 1-6 mm.

Vise holding size: 30 mm.

Process materials: wood, plastics, soft metal (aluminum, copper, etc.).

◇ Transformers have over-current, over-voltage, overheating protection.

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