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Horizontal Metal Milling Machine

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Horizontal Metal Milling Machine
Style No.: Z20005ML
Technical Data & Specification

Features of Horizontal Metal Milling Machine:

◇ Milling machine tool is a milling cutter including side and front of the milling cutter blade. There is a certain risk, so be sure to use under the guidance of professional personage.

◇ The main parts of the machine, such as the spindle box, long machine bed, long slider, small slider, motor blades, motor, gear, connecting piece, handwheel, drilling, gear and vise all are metal.

Technical Indicators of Horizontal Metal Milling Machine

Motor speed: 12000 r / min.

The input voltage / current / power: 12 VDC / 3 A / 36 W.

Stroke: 30 ~ 50 mm.

Chuck: 1-6 mm.

Vise holding size: 50 mm.

◇ The handwheel with accuracy of 0.02 mm scale line, increase the machining precision of the workpiece.

◇ Motor box and spindle box are couplet of metal material.

Applicable processing: wood, soft metal (copper, aluminum, etc.), organic glass, plastic, etc.

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