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Metal On-hand Machine

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Metal On-hand Machine
Style No.: Z10001ML
Technical Data & Specification

Features of Hand-held Machine:

Machine main parts: such as spindle box, connecting pieces are metal.

◇ Hand-held machine is supply with seven standard grinding tool, big application range and flexible operation can become hand drill machine with drill bit, become hand Grinding machine with gringding wheel, become hand milling machine with milling bit, and easy to use, transformer overheating protection.

◇ Cente high 25 mm, sandpaper particle size 100#, can choose abrasive paper according to different workpiece.

Technical parameters of Metal On-hand Machine

Motor speed: 12000 r / min.

The input voltage / current / power: 12 VDC / 2 A / 24 W.

Process materials: wood, engineering plastics, soft metal (aluminum, copper, etc.).

◇ The transformer has overcurrent, overvoltage and Overheating protection.

◇ Motor box and spindle box are conjoined and made of metal materials.

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