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6 In 1

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6 In 1
Style No.: Z6000
Technical Data & Specification of 6 In 1

Features of 6 In 1:

Our 6-in-1 kit can be assembled into 6 types of machines with different functions (scroll jig saw, wood turning lathe, metal turning lathe, milling machine, drilling machine and grinding machine), but can be assembled into a machine of only one function for use each time.

◇ Except milling machine (Children must use the milling machine according to the instruction of parents or teachers),they all have a safe and harmless device.

Jig Saw max cutting deepth: 4 mm (hardwood), 7 mm (triply wood), 18 mm (softwood), 0.5 mm (thin aluminum sheet) and 2 mm (organic glass). They are nice tools for children to produce model airplanes and other wood models at home and school.

Technical Indicators of 6 In 1

Motor speed: 20000 rpm / min. (can choose 12000 rpm / min).

Input voltage / current / power: 12 VDC / 2 A / 24 W.

The input voltage of power supply: 110 V - 240 V.

Sawing machine table size: 90 x 90 mm.

Lathe & woodturning machine max.process diameter: 50 mm.

Lathe & woodturning machine max process length: 135 mm.

X axis trip: 30 mm.

Collet: 1-6 mm.

Drilling machine table size: 123 x 100 mm.

Vice max clamping size: 30 mm.

Three jaw chuck max clamping size: 50 mm.

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