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Bow Arm Metal 8 In 1 Kit

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Bow Arm Metal 8 In 1 Kit
Style No.: Z8000MLZ
Technical Data & Specification of Bow Arm Metal 8 In 1 Kit

Features of Bow Arm Metal 8 In 1 Kit:

8 In 1 is a suit can be composed of 8 kinds of machine with 8 different functions, sawing machine, wood-turning, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, sanding machine, hand tools, dividing drilling machine, only one function for use each time.

◇ Except milling machine (Children must use the milling machine according to the instruction of parents or teachers), they all have a safe and harmless device.

Jig saw max cutting deepth: hardwood is 4 mm, plywood 7 mm, cork 18 mm, aluminium 0.5 mm, organic glass 2 mm.

◇ Saw blade durability is greatly increased after using bow arm. They are nice tools for children to produce model airplanes and other wood models at home and school.

Machine Main Parts

Such as the spindle box, intermediate piece, jig saw case, jig saw base, motor blades, gear, woodturning support, small slider, long slider, drilling lever, drilling table, sawing table, connection piece, abrasive paper, dividing locator, milling vice all are metal structure.

Moter speed: 12000 rpm / min. (can choose 20000 rpm / min).

Input voltage / current / power: 12 VDC / 2 A / 24 W.

The input voltage of power supply: 110 V - 240 V.

Sawing machine table size: 90 mm x 90 mm.

Woodturning machine max.process diameter: 50 mm, lathe can be extended to 100 mm.

Lathe & woodturning machine max process length: 135 mm.

X axis trip: 30 mm.

Collet: 1-6 mm.

Drilling machine table size: 123 x 100 mm.

Vice max.clamping size: 50 mm.

Three jaw chuck max.clamping size: 50 mm.

◇ There are three groups on index plate holes of the circle equal distribution, respectively is 36, 40, 48 holes. You can choose according to actual needs dividing hole group.

◇ The outside packing is using of big plastic box, inner side is used of small single layered plastic box for all kinds of parts.

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