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Mini Metal CNC Lathe

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Mini Metal CNC Lathe
Style No.: CZ20002M
Technical Data & Specification

Technical Indicators of Mini Metal CNC Lathe:

Motor speed: 20000 r / min.

The input voltage / current / power: 12 VDC / 24 W / 2 A.

The slider trip: 30~50 mm.

Features of Mini Metal CNC Lathe

Machine main parts: such as the spindle, the tailstock, long machine bed, slider, connect piece and so on all are metal structure.

◇ High center 25 mm, center distance 135 mm, usually lathe speed be reduced to 2000 r / min when process metal.

◇ Turning tool is high speed steel material, can be used for soft, nonferrous and precious metal processing, and use intermediate piece of heightening, diameter can be expanded to 50 mm.

◇ Control software is mach3.

◇ Security, without manual operation, full computer control.

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