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Ascend Group is a specialized manufacturer of micro cnc machines. The small-sized, environmentally-friendly and multi-functional turning lathes can process a wide variety of materials and produce models. They are good helpers of DIY lovers. No matter whether you are a craftsman, teacher, model-maker or robot manufacturer, as long as you show interest in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Main products
Mini Metal CNC Drilling & Milling Machine
  • Mini Metal CNC Drilling & Milling MachineMachine main parts, such as the spindle box, intermediate block and motor blades, gear, small slider, long slider, drilling table, connect piece, milling vice ...
Mini Metal CNC Lathe
  • Mini Metal CNC LatheTurning tool is high speed steel material, can be used for soft, nonferrous and precious metal processing, and use intermediate piece of heightening ...
Three Axis CNC Lathe
  • Three Axis CNC LatheThe processing scope: X = Y = 32 mm, 145 mm. High center 50 mm, center distance of 135 mm. Three-axis linkage, for processing threads.
Four Axis CNC Drilling and Milling Machine
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