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Ascend Group Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and sales of small-sized cnc machines. Large-sized machines are highly-priced and difficult for installation, while small-sized machines save these troubles. If you are searching for excellent small-sized cnc machines, welcome to contact us. We believe that our professional production technology, perfect after-sales services and low prices will make us the best choice for you!

Main products
Mini CNC Drilling & Milling Machine
  • Mini CNC Drilling & Milling MachineThe table size: 550 * 160 mm (22 " x 6.5 "). The X axis stroke: 300 mm (12 "). The Y axis stroke: 150 mm (6 "). The Z axis stroke: 290 mm (14.5 ").
Mini CNC Lathe
  • Mini CNC LatheMaximum turning diameter of 210 mm. Maximum clamping diameter 80 mm. The X axis stroke: 80 mm. The Z axis stroke: 280 mm.
CNC Lathe
  • CNC LathePositioning accuracy: 0.015 mm. Machine tool maximum turning diameter: 140 mm. Maximum clamping diameter: 70 mm. X Z axis stroke: 70 mm, 160 mm.
CNC Drilling & Milling Machine
  • CNC Drilling & Milling MachineTable size: 390 * 92 mm. X axis stroke: 180 mm. Y axis stroke: 100 mm. Z axis stroke: 220 mm. X axis stepper motor: 1.5N. Y axis stepper motor: 1.5N.
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