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Jig Saw

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Jig Saw
Style No.: GZ20001M
Technical Data & Specification of Jig Saw

Features of Jig Saw:

Scroll saw is a small-sized bench machine, with a very high cutting ability for fine work. It has an automatic safety protection device, an automatic dust collector, a safe and harmless design and protection device, and a scrap collector. It uses safe DC voltage.

Motor Parameters

Motor parameters: DC24V, 60W.

Speed range: 0 ~ 1850 RPM, stepless speed regulation, with the bow arm, can tear open outfit, has the elastic adjusting device of saw blade.

Saw Blade

Length: 132 mm, width is more than 2.0 mm.

Thickness: More than 0.5 mm, TPI18, 24 (fixed saw blade with hook mode of fixed up and down, convenient replacement of saw blade), saw blade pressing plate can adjust saw blade distance. Can use unilateral fixed blade without the bow arm, can cut straight line and curve.

Process range: cork 15 mm, hardwood 6 mm, soft metal 3 mm, aluminum composite panels 8 mm, foam materials maximum 80 mm.

◇ Infinitely adjustable-speed control blade processing speed, can choose suitable processing speed according to different hardness material, have the function of dividing and positioning and linear processing, points positioning can be from 0 to 180 degrees, machine size is 270 mm * 245 mm * 245 mm, machine net weight is 5.3 kgs.

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