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Manufacturer of education robot, mini machine, mini cnc machine, metal turning lathe, mini hobby machine, machine kit, Classic 6 in 1, etc.

About Us

Ascend Group Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and sales of intelligent education tools. Our main products including: Metal robot, Mini machine, Mini metal machine, Machine kit, Mini CNC machine and Classic 6 in 1 kit, etc.

By introducing the most advanced adolescent teaching philosophy and product system of scientific and technological creativity in the world, and combining its experience of many years, our company has creatively designed a complete system of experiential courses and products. Our products include products of pre-school education, products of school-age education, products of out-of-school education, and products of family education, targeted at children ranging from 3 to 18 years old. Our products cover dozens of varieties, including building blocks for piece-together and insertion, intelligent control system, humanoid robot, micro machines for teaching, small-sized cnc machine, household machine tool, large-sized cnc equipment, intelligent tool, 3D printer, laser engraving equipment and various activity models.

As the most specialized manufacturer of intelligent education tools, we have always been basing our survival on our product quality, and our market share has been gradually rising, now ranking at the top of the list. Our overseas market share has also been expanding gradually, and our products are sold far to such countries and regions as Russia, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia, South Korea, Sweden, Dubai, USA, Middle East and Europe.

Main products
Metal Robot
  • Metal RobotMade of high-strength 6063 aluminum with surface anodic oxidation process, main structural parts has high strength, and colorful, smooth surface. A unique patented of helical grooves is designed to improve the flexibility of the connection between the parts, simplify the connection mode. Beams with various types: 6 three-hole thread ...
Mini Metal Bow Arm Jig Saw
  • Mini Metal Bow Arm Jig SawA bow arm is added to the machine of this style based on the original jig saw. This special design makes mini metal bow arm jig saw safe and harmless. Even if the saw-teeth touch your skin, they will not injure your skin, only causing a slight vibration.
Vertical Drilling Machine
  • Vertical Drilling MachineVertical drilling machine can be used to process a wide variety of materials, e.g. wood board, plywood, soft metal (aluminum and copper) and engineering plastics. It is flexible and easy operation, and can be converted into a hand drill or hand grinder, adjusted within the angles scope of 180 degrees.
Mini Metal CNC Lathe
  • Mini Metal CNC LatheMachine main parts: such as the spindle, the tailstock, long machine bed, slider,connect piece and so on all are metal structure. High center 25 mm, center distance 135 mm, usually lathe speed be reduced to 2000 r / min when process metal. Turning tool is high speed steel material, can be used for soft, nonferrous and precious ...
Jig Saw
  • Jig SawScroll saw is a small-sized bench machine, with a very high cutting ability for fine work. It has an automatic safety protection device, an automatic dust collector, a safe and harmless design and protection device, and a scrap collector. It uses safe DC voltage.

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