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Manufacturer of education robot, mini machine, mini cnc machine, metal turning lathe, mini hobby machine, machine kit, Classic 6 in 1, etc.


Ascend Group Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and sales of student robot, mini hobby machine, scroll jig saw, mini milling and drilling machine, etc. The major equipments operated by our company include: scroll jig saw, micro machine, micro enhanced metal machine, micro cnc machine, micro machine kit, etc. The products of our company cover a wide variety.

As the most specialized manufacturer of intelligent education tools, we have always been basing our survival on our product quality, and our market share has been gradually rising, now ranking at the top of the list. Our overseas market share has also been expanding gradually, and our products are sold far to such countries and regions as Russia, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Mongolia, South Korea, Sweden, Dubai, USA, Middle East and Europe.

Main products
Mini Metal Bow Arm Jig Saw
  • Mini Metal Bow Arm Jig SawA bow arm is added to the machine of this style based on the original jig saw. This special design makes mini metal bow arm jig saw safe and harmless. Even if the saw-teeth touch your skin, they will not injure your skin, only causing a slight vibration.
Mini Metal Lathe
  • Mini Metal LatheMachine main parts, such as the spindle box, tailstock, long machine bed, long slider, small slider, motor blades, motor, gear, connecting piece, the handwheel are used of metal. High center 25 mm, center distance 135 mm, usually lathe speed be reduced to 2000 r / min when process metal.
4 In 1 Kit
  • 4 In 1 Kit4 In 1 kit is a suit that can be composed of 4 kinds of machines with 4 different functions (jigsaw, woodturning lathe, hand-held machine, grinding machine), only one function for use each time. Moter speed: 12000 rpm / min. (can choose 20000 rpm / min). Input voltage / current / power: 12 VDC / 2 A / 24 W.
Jig Saw
  • Jig SawScroll saw is a small-sized bench machine, with a very high cutting ability for fine work. It has an automatic safety protection device, an automatic dust collector, a safe and harmless design and protection device, and a scrap collector. It uses safe DC voltage.

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