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Main products
Mini Sanding Machine
  • Mini Sanding MachineThe mini sanding machine has a small grinding wheel on its left and a cover for protecting the grinding wheel. The machine can be used for polishing and burnishing, or on-hand grinding at various angles. The machine has a center height of 25 mm and an abrasive-paper particle-size of 100#.
Vertical Drilling Machine
  • Vertical Drilling MachineVertical drilling machine can be used to process a wide variety of materials, e.g. wood board, plywood, soft metal (aluminum and copper) and engineering plastics. It is flexible and easy operation, and can be converted into a hand drill or hand grinder, adjusted within the angles scope of 180 degrees.
Mini Metal Bow-arm Jig Saw
  • Mini Metal Bow-arm Jig SawA bow arm is added to the rear of the metal jigsaw of this style, thus making the saw blade much more durable. Main parts of the mini metal bow-arm jigsaw, such as the spindle box, intermediate piece, jig saw base, jig saw case, motor blades, gear, sawing table, connecting piece and so on all are metal with the belt protection cover.
Metal Drilling Machine with Dividing Attachment
  • Metal Drilling Machine with Dividing AttachmentThe main parts of the machine such as the spindle box, long slider, small slider, motor blades, motor, gear, the connection piece, handwheel, drill lever, dividing locator, gear and so on are all metal. Used with index plate, the circular workpiece can be equal drilling.
Bow Arm Powerful Metal 8 In 1 Kit
  • Bow Arm Powerful Metal 8 In 1 Kit8 In 1 is a suit can be composed of 8 kinds of different function of the machine, such as sawing machine, wood-turning, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, sanding machine, hand tools, dividing drilling machine, only one function for use each time.

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