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Manufacturer of education robot, mini machine, mini cnc machine, metal turning lathe, mini hobby machine, machine kit, Classic 6 in 1, etc.


Ascend Group Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and sales of student robot, mini hobby machine, scroll jig saw, mini milling and drilling machine, etc. The major equipments operated by our company include: scroll jig saw, micro machine, micro enhanced metal machine, micro cnc machine, micro machine kit, etc. The products of our company cover a wide variety.

Our intelligent machines and tools can not only fully meet the creative demand of adolescents aged 6-18, but also the creative production demand of adults. Most of our mini machines have a safe and harmless design, a safe voltage of DC 12V and various functions.

Our mini machines are widely applied in teaching, model making and family DIY. By using the intelligent machines of Ascend education series, we can foster children's innovative awareness, considerably promote children's subjective initiative and hands-on skills, stimulate children's creative enthusiasm and fully satisfy children's curiosity.

Metal Robot
  • Metal RobotAscend Group Technology Co., Ltd., is a high-tech company specializing in supplying education robot products and services, with its own base of robot experiment and research & development. Education robots have a wide coverage of activity knowledge, diversified ability training and rich emotional experience. They are very popular among more and more teachers and students.
Mini Metal Bow Arm Jig Saw
  • Mini Metal Bow Arm Jig SawA bow arm is added to the machine of this style based on the original jig saw. This special design makes mini metal bow arm jig saw safe and harmless.
Mini Jig Saw
  • Mini Jig SawAs the major product of our company, the mini jig saw of this style can be used to cut sheet materials and process such materials as plywood ...
Mini Lathe
  • Mini LatheThe turning tool of this mini lathe is made of steel material, and can be used to process materials such as soft metal (gold, silver, copper and aluminum) ...
Mini Woodturning Lathe
  • Mini Woodturning LatheThis mini woodturning lathe can be used to process soft wood and hard wood into the shapes as you like. You can clamp the work-piece with three-jaw chuck or grip ...
Mini Woodturning Lathe
  • Mini Woodturning LatheThis is another style of wood turning lathe of our company. As a manufacturer which began to engage in the research and development and production ...
Vertical Drilling Machine
  • Vertical Drilling MachineVertical drilling machine can be used to process a wide variety of materials, e.g. wood board, plywood, soft metal (aluminum and copper) and engineering ...
Vertical Milling Machine
  • Vertical Milling MachineMilling machine can be X, Y, Z three dimensional space operation.And it can be assembled into vertical and horizontal milling machine, hand milling machine.
Mini Sanding Machine
  • Mini Sanding MachineThe mini sanding machine has a small grinding wheel on its left and a cover for protecting the grinding wheel. The machine can be used for polishing ...
On-hand Machine
  • On-hand MachineEquipped with seven types and standards of polishing tools, on-hand machine can be applied in a wide scope.It can be changed into many forms ...
Drilling Machine with Dividing Attachment
Mini Metal Jig Saw
  • Mini Metal Jig SawThe major spare parts of Mini Metal Jig Saw include spindle box, intermediate block, jigsaw box base and jigsaw box. Motor blade, gear, scroll jigsaw bench ...
Mini Metal Bow-arm Jig Saw
  • Mini Metal Bow-arm Jig SawA bow arm is added to the rear of the metal jigsaw of this style, thus making the saw blade much more durable. Main parts of the mini metal bow-arm jigsaw ...
Mini Metal Lathe
  • Mini Metal LatheMachine main parts, such as the spindle box, tailstock, long machine bed, long slider, small slider, motor blades, motor, gear, connecting piece ...
Mini Metal Wood-turning Lathe
  • Mini Metal Wood-turning LatheThe main parts of the machine, such as the spindle box, tailstock, long machine bed, long slider, small slider, motor blades, woodturning support, motor ...

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